The 2018 Croydon Literary Festival took place on Saturday 27 October. The organisers would like to thank all the speakers, presenters, guests and visitors, as well as everyone who helped and supported the team. This includes (but isn’t limited to!) Sarah Kingsford, Tim Footman and Deb Stone; Ruth Duncan; James Whittell; Ruth Coldspring; Bookseller Crow on the Hill; Ellen, Carrie, Emma and Gaynor; Joan Redding; Rick Hicks and Frantic Productions; Lucie Tobin; Croydonist; Bryony and The Reader; Croydon Council; Croydon Central Library; Lorraine and Bare PR; Regal Signs; Roger and Stephen from the David Lean Cinema; Quotro Print; Matthew Sims from Croydon BID; Martin Townsend; Lovehoney; East Croydon Cool; The National Lottery.

Without all your help and support, we couldn’t have put on this tricky second festival; thank you so much to everyone who helped and supported us both on the day, and over the last 12 months. We hope to see you all in 2019.

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